How to Activate REI MasterCard Online

by admin August 06, 2023
Activate your REI MasterCard

How to Apply For REI MasterCard

  • You need to go to the online banking page of US bank or you may directly follow the link
  • Now you need to select which kind of account you possess, then click on Apply Now button.


rei mastercard apply


  • Personal – you need to give your account or debit card number, and SSN number, and then click on the button Continue, and then go to the next step Protect.
  • I have a different account – you need to select I don’t have an account, open one now, and then click on the login button. Now you have to select the ‘create a username and password’. After that follow the onscreen prompts and you will get a new username and password.
  • Business – the first thing is that you need to confirm the type of your account like checking, savings, or money market account. No, you need to have your PIN, SSN, account or debit card number, first and last name, and tax ID number.
  • After all your details are verified, only then you are allowed to proceed with protection, consent, and confirmation.

How to Activate your REI MasterCard Online


REI MasterCard Activate


  • After that, a page opens here, enter your email address and sign in button.
  • Then click on the Sign In button.
  • Then follow the prompts to activate your card, and your card is now ready to make purchases and earn you rewards.


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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I apply for an REI card?

. You need to apply online or you need to call on the number 877-734-9737.

Do I need to be a U.S. Bank customer to apply for the REI MasterCard?

You do not have to be a member of the U.S. Bank to be eligible for the card, you just need to be a REI member. But if you have an account in the U.S. Bank then you will be eligible for more advantages including overdraft protection.

How long will it take for my card to be received?

It will take around 7-10 days for your card to be received by you once approved.

How will I be able to check the status of my application?

You need to call on the number 800-947-1444 and then need to choose option 1 for the status of your application. You need to enter your social security number, and other additional details need to be given for the verification.


This article gives you an overview of the benefits and the activation procedure of the REI MasterCard. If you face any problem during the activation or need to inquire about some other matters, you can call REI Co-op World Elite Mastercard Cardmember Service at 877-734-6060 and for the platinum card, you need to contact 877-734-8742. This is for customers residing in the United States.

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