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CIBC Credit Card Activation Guidelines :

CIBC is the trade name of The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce which is a reputed and one of the oldest multinational banking organization of Canada, having their headquarter in Toronto, Ontario. The banking organization was formed when Canadian Bank of Commerce and Imperial Bank of Canada got merged together in the year 1961. With lots of banking facilities, CIBC is also famous for providing various kinds of Credit Cards like – low interest cards, student cards, business card, no annual fee card, cash back and reward card, travel benefits card etc. All of these variety of credit cards offered by CIBC Bank is easily accessible online and through mobile banking. Also, if you have newly received your CIBC Credit Card in hand, you must activate it to manage it further.

Here in this article you will get a glimpse of using CIBC Credit Card in various way. You will learn the online card activation process, CIBC credit card application process, card account log in process, benefits of CIBC Credit Cards etc. You need to continue reading this article about CIBC Credit Card activation guidelines for further help.

CIBC Credit Card Benefits :

  • All the CIBC Credit Cards are widely accepted across the nation.
  • With CIBC credit cards, you will get to purchase high valued items in low-cost EMI options.
  • CIBC Card shopping will provide you with special points which you can use to travel across Canada and around the world.
  • Using CIBC credit cards at Chevron, Ultramar, and Pioneer gas stations can give you 10 cents per liter savings on gas purchase.
  • Not only on traveling, you can also redeem your reward points on buying merchandise, gift cards etc.
  • There will be special perks and offers for your card.
  • Redemption of reward is also very easy.
  • There is zero fraud liability associated with every CIBC Credit Card which will ensure the users purchase security.
  • Any kind of credit card issuer, you will get 24*7 hrs of assistance from The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce customer support desk.
  • There will be real-time notifications and alerts from The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for all of their credit card transactions.
  • Using CIBC Credit Card is easy, convenient and secure.

Apply For CIBC Credit Card :

To apply for a CIBC Credit Card, you can process your application with the below-mentioned steps –

  • To apply for a CIBC Credit Card, you need to go to the official web page of CIBC Bank’s credit card by following the given link – www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/all-credit-cards.
  • Now, you will be able to view all kinds of CIBC credit cards options here on this page.
  • Choose the appropriate card for you and hit on the Apply Now button beside the description box of the same.

cibc credit card application

  • Click on the Let’s Go button at the next step.
  • If you already have a CIBC account then here you will get the option to sign in to your account and get a pre-filled application form. For this, you need to click on the Yes, Sign On Now button.
  • If, you don’t have an account with CIBC, click on the No, Continue Application button to go forward.
  • Review, the rates, and interest associated with your respective CIBC credit card and click on the Continue button to go to the next stage.
  • Enter the following information at the next step – First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Phone Type, Phone Number, Address, Tenure, Social Insurance Number, Job Category, Personal Annual Income, Other Household Income, Monthly rent/mortgage/condo fees if any.
  • Now, read the other terms associated with your card carefully and tick the appropriate consent box.
  • Lastly, click on Submit button to proceed to the next step of the application.
  • Follow further prompts to complete your form.
  • You will get a notification regarding the acceptance of your CIBC Credit Card application from CIBC Bank.
  • After your application got approved, you will shortly receive your CIBC Credit Card.
  • You can also apply for CIBC credit card over the phone, by calling in the following number and performing respective prompts afterwards – 1 -866 -525 -8622 .

Activate CIBC Credit Card :

  • After receiving your CIBC Credit Card, you must activate it to use it further.
  • To activate your CIBC Credit Card, at first you need to browse the following link through your browser – www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/all-credit-cards
  • When you land in to this page, you will get the Sign-On option at the top right corner of the web page.
  • Clicking on that option will lead you to the sign on widget.
  • Now, just log in to your CIBC credit card account.
  • After log in, go to My Accounts option from the main menu.
  • Now go to Credit section and select Activate Card option.
  • You have to enter the details related to your CIBC Credit Card at respective fields.
  • Lastly, click on Activate Card button to successfully activate your CIBC Card.
  • You can also call over the following number of CIBC Bank to activate your respective credit card – 1800 -465 -4653 and 514 -816 -4653 (if you are outside Canada) .

CIBC Credit Card Account Sign Up :

Here we will guide you, how you can easily Sign Up or enroll your respective CIBC Credit Card account online and with mobile banking and get the online facilities –

  • To enroll your respective CIBC Credit Card account, you need to open the following website link – www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/all-credit-cards
  • Now, click on Sign On button to go to the sign on widget.
  • Below that widget, there will be a button Register which you have to click to proceed with the account Sign Up process.
  • Now, enter the following information at respective blank fields – Debit or Credit Card Number, Card Expiry Date, Area Code & Phone Number.
  • Now, click on Next button to go to the next step.
  • At next step, enter Identity Verification details.
  • Create your CIBC Credit card account’s Username & Password at next stage.
  • There will be some more prompts at the upcoming stage that you have to comply correctly.
  • After completion of all the above steps, you will be able to enroll your CIBC credit card account successfully with CIBC Bank’s online and mobile banking portal.
  • Now, you will be able to sign in to your respective CIBC credit card account, access you card through mobile banking, etc.

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CIBC Credit Card Account Log In :

  • Now, after account registration, to log in to your respective CIBC Credit card account, click on the following link of the CIBC Credit Card page – www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/all-credit-cards
  • Once the web page open, look at the top right side corner of the page to locate the Sign On button which you have to click to open the Sign In widget.
  • Enter the CIBC Credit Card Number and Password associated with your CIBC Credit Card account at respective blank fields.
  • Tick the box beside ‘Remember My Card’ option, if your device security is strong enough to remember your card details or else skip it.
  • Lastly, hit the Sign On button, and you will be logged in to your respective CIBC Credit Card account.
  • Now, you will be able to manage your respective CIBC Credit card services online.

CIBC Credit Card Account Password Recovery :

  • If you are not able to remember your Password of your CIBC Credit Card account, you can reset it with the below mentioned process.
  • Open the following link once again –www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/all-credit-cards and you will get Sign On button at the right side corner of the page.
  • Click on the Sign On button and at the Sign In widget, there will be the following link for you – ‘Reset my Password’ .
  • Click on the above mentioned ‘Reset my Password’ link to proceed further.
  • Enter the following information at next step for your account identification – Debit or Credit Card Number, Card Expiry Date, Area Code & Phone Number etc.
  • After that, click on Next button to move ahead.
  • Follow further prompts to complete the account verification process of CIBC Credit Card.
  • At the next step, you will be able to reset your Password of CIBC credit card account.

CIBC Credit Card Payment :

  • You can pay your CIBC Credit Card dues, by just logging in to your CIBC Credit Card account.
  • Open the following link of CIBC Credit Card site with the help of your browser – www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/all-credit-cards
  • Now, you have to perform the above mentioned log in process to go to your account.
  • Enter your Card Number and Password of your respective CIBC card account.
  • Click on Sign On button to Sign In to your account.
  • Go to Pay Bills, and select Add or Edit Payees.
  • Enter the respective payee name and select Search.
  • Now enter your CIBC credit card number in the Payee Account Number section, then click on Next.
  • At the next step, you will be able to pay your CIBC Credit Card dues.
  • You can also dial the following telephonic helpline number for CIBC Credit Card payment –  1-800-465-2422.
  • You can visit your nearest CIBC Bank banking branch and pay your dues there.

CIBC Credit Card Contact Options :

  • To get assistance regarding Lost or Stolen Cards or for card replacement, to report credit card fraud etc. you can browse the following website link any time as per your convenience –  www.cibc.com/en/contact-us.
  • If you want to know more about CIBC Credit Cards, you can go to the official website of CIBC Credit Card by browsing the following link – www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/credit-cards/all-credit-cards
  • You can follow CIBC, through their social media accounts.

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