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by admin October 06, 2021

How to Pay Your Toll for Expressway Authority :

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority Collections Service Center provides the drivers the opportunity to pay their toll bills online. The Collection Service Center is associated with the ETAN Industries to receive unpaid tolls which are redirected to collections.

How to Make the Payment for Toll Bill :

There are several methods to pay your toll. You can pay your bill online, by mail, in person, or by telephone. The easiest way to pay your toll is through the Collections Service Center. In to make the payment through the Collections Service Center, you have to follow these instructions below:

Pay by Online:

You can make the payment for your toll bill through Expressway Authority. You will need your account license and account number or notice number to make the payment. You can easily pay your toll bill by following these easy steps below:

  • You have to visit this link www.paytheatolls.com.
  • Then, you just have to select the Log In button to proceed further.

expressway authority pay toll

  • You have to enter your account license plate and account number or notice number.
  • After entering all the necessary details on the required fields, simply select the Login button.

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Pay by Mail:

You are also using the mail service to pay your toll bill. You can send a money order or personal check to make the payment. You have to send your toll payment to this address below:

Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority

PO Box 86540

Orlando, FL 32886-5460

Pay by Phone:

You can make the payment for your toll bill over your phone. You just have to follow the automated call service to make the payment. You have to dial 1-877-258-5205 from your phone to make the payment.

Contact Info :

If you face any problem, then you can contact the Collection Service Center at 877-258-5205.

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